If you have nothing nice to say, come sit next to me.

1 note

Sorry for the bullshit

It’s the way you make me laugh so hard that I can’t catch my breathe.

It’s the way I’ve known you for a couple months and I feel more comfortable around you than people I’ve known for years.

It’s the way that you don’t give a shit, and neither do I.

It’s the way I wear your clothes and even after I’ve washed them they still have your distinct smell.

It’s the way your beard rubs against my body and makes me itchy in the best ways.

It’s the way that you make me remember how to feel emotions again.

It’s the way that I hate almost everything in the world except for you.

It’s the way that you get my sense of humor so well and nothing has to be explained.

It’s the way you keep me in the moment and it makes me feel alive.

It’s the way that I can’t explain our relationship and I would never want to, because putting that kind of pressure on something so beautiful would make everything crumble.